I do not cook but I love to eat

Benjamin Biolay: « I do not cook but I love to eat! »

Back with a new album that smells the exotic ( Palermo Hollywood , released on April 22), Benjamin Biolay has passed we see in Marmiton! We took the opportunity to chat kitchen and ask the Lyon singer of his favorite dishes, its good addresses …


Do you cook sometimes? Do you like it?

I cook mainly for my daughter but I do not cook more than that. I must admit that I especially love to eat …

If you are invited to dinner, what does one prepare to make you happy for sure?

I did not really culinary taboos or things that push me. The only thing I do not like, it’s the sauce dishes like veal stew. In general, I’m not a fan of French dishes simmered in sauce … a smelly old trout does not delight me either. Beyond that I really like vegetables, meat, cheese, and especially Italian cuisine. If there is indeed a country where one eats well, it is Italy. Otherwise, I really want to discover the cuisines of the world, including that of Peru.

And conversely, if you invite us, what would we eat good home? Do you have a flat « signature? « 

No … it depends who I get but I have no signature dish.

Have you marked with a meeting in the kitchen? A great leader ..

I have therefore obligatory passage in Lyon Paul Bocuse when I was little. There is also a leader whom I adored, Jean Brouilly in Tarare. He cooked a thing that I remember was great. I love to eat but I’m not really an encyclopedic specialist, I like pretty simple cuisine.

What food most unlikely that you ate?

Insects I think, during a trip in Mauritania. It tasted like chips or peanuts. In my area is the kitchen also nutria but I never tasted …

What are your favorite addresses heart? In France or elsewhere?

Vault At Leah, 11 place Antonin Gourju 69002 Lyon and Le Passage, 8 rue plaster 69001 Lyon: Lyon two unavoidable addresses.

Volver, 18 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris: an Argentine restaurant. I love Argentinian food in general, a good piece of meat is enough to make me happy. The pizza is also a very common dish in Argentina! We may not know it but it is the country that produces the most pizzas.

The Mirama 17 rue Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris: a great Chinese restaurant although the staff is undrinkable. I really advise you to go there, the food is worth the trip.

Quickly whisked away in one of these restaurants if you want to cross it! Otherwise, go right here to listen to his new albumPalermo  Hollywood